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Products our pups Love

What are the best toys, treats, and food for our pups? We all strive to be the best pawrents and give our pups the best products, but we are overwhelmed with so many options. The truth is every pup is unique in their own way, with different likes and preferences.

This page is dedicated to helping our Parkside Pups pawrents find the best products for their own pup. From leashes to food to toys....we hope these product recommendations will help our  pawrents find what's right for them.  *All of the products listed are all items that Parkside Pups has used personally.

Many items  are featured in our weekly Instagram video series, "Treat Yo'self"

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A Willy Favorite
Customer Favorite
Only Natural Pet's
Max Meat
A great natural grain-free dry food option for your pup. The pups love these so much that we use them as treats too!
Pure Vita
Nutritious Dog Treats
Made with real chicken, these treats are one of Willy's absolute Favorites! An especially great option for pups that need hip & joint support. 
Earthborn Hollistic EarthBites
An equally healthy & tasty treat! Grain-Free, Gluten Free, Antioxidant-rich, and great for Hips and Joints. 
Rachael Ray Nutrish
Savory Roasters
A soft tasty treat...grain-free with no artificial flavors. Several flavors to choose from but Willy LOVES the beef flavor!
Old Mother Hubbard's
P-Nutter Biscuits
A delicious crunchy every day treat! These biscuits come in small, medium, and large but we especially love the Halloween edition "Creepy Crunchers"
Canine Carry Outs (Chicken)
Treats that all pups love! A variety of flavors, but the chicken is a Willy Favorite. Very good price for these treats too!
Provenance Series
Air dried dog food, high in protein. (A ready to serve raw alternative). Can also be used as a meal topper or as treats!
Canine Carry Outs (Beef)
A tasty beef-flavored treat that any dog will love! These treats have a soft and chewy texture, and can be broken up into smaller pieces for training or smaller pups!
Canine Carry Outs (Bacon)
A tasty bacon-flavored treat that any dog will love! These treats have a soft and chewy texture, and can be broken up into smaller pieces for training or smaller pups!
Newman's Own Organic Snack Bites (Chicken)
These grain-free treats are made without any artificial preservatives. The main ingredient of organic, farm-raised chicken is sure to make your pup love this healthy, delicious snack!
Milkbone Trailmix (Sweet Potato and Beef)
These mouthwatering treats are made with real beef and rolled oats, which provide a good source of fiber and nutrients. They come in a fun mix of shapes and textures your pup will love! 
Rachael Ray Nutrish (Turkey Bacon)
Rachael Ray's turkey bacon treats have zero grains, artificial ingredients, or meat by-products, making them great for dogs with sensitivities. They can be broken into smaller pieces for dog of any size.
Newman's Own Dog Biscuits (Turkey and Sweet Potato)
These medium-sized heart-shaped dog biscuits are made with the perfect blend of turkey, fruits, and vegetables to make sure your pups will love them!
Rachael Ray Nutrish Savory Roasters Dog Treats (Chicken)
Any pup will absolutely love these dog treats made with fresh-roasted chicken and no artificial ingredients!
The Blue Buffalo Co. Santa Snacks (Chicken)
Blue Buffalo's Santa snacks are perfect for dog training or as an extra treat! These soft, tasty treats a great for dogs of any age or size!

chew toys

Elk Antler
(variety of sizes)
Nylabone Chew Toy
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