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"Michael is a true dog lover—and it's clear that the pups reciprocate. Day after day my dog was taken on wild romps in the park ...the detailed messages and great pictures that the Parkside Pups team sent after each walk always brightened my day. It's tough leaving your pup alone to go to work, but knowing that Michael or his team would be there before long to pick her up made parting easier. Your dog will be in great hands with Parkside Pups."

- Zachary
Parkside Pups is hands down the best choice for dog waking services in PLG. We interviewed a number of walkers before choosing Michael and his team to work with our Myles. They are prompt, professional and always put the pups first. It’s been important to us to keep Myles as consistent as possible with walks during COVID so she can have her socialization. Michael and his team really great to work with; would recommend without hesitation. 

- Mike & Katie
“We first met Michael of Parkside Pups last spring and knew immediately that he was the perfect walker for our rescue dog Lexie. He is gentle, kind, and patient - truly a dog lover at heart. We were so pleased to watch his business flourish over the past year and get to know the other competent and trained Parkside Pups walkers who have walked Lexie under his careful guidance. The level of professionalism is unparalleled and we trust that Lexie is always safe and loved (nearly as much as we do)! Most importantly she always has the most fantastic time in the park or with her other Parkside Pup friends! If you are looking for a dog walking service that feels like family, Parkside Pups is for you.”

- Dana

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